Terms & Conditions


Terms and their references

“You” refers to the user of Hireflair and the services offered here. "We" and "Us" refers to Hireflair admin or assign of the portal.

Hireflair intends to serve only the users / members / visitors with bona fide purpose to contact and/or be contacted for genuine job related and career enhancement services.

You get the right to use the Hireflair services only by respecting and agreeing to the Terms & conditions as detailed below.


This set of terms and conditions are applied on the use of the Hireflair website by you and all the services offered by the website. As you complete the subscription process, you notify us that you agree to the terms in this Agreement.

We hold the right to change or modify the terms applicable to your subscription and profile, as and whenever we feel the need to. We will notify you of such changes to get them effective, through email and thereafter posting a revised Agreement on the website. You will be able to access the Agreement through the "Terms of Use" link. In case, you continue to use our services after receiving the notification about the change, we will consider that you have accepted the changes we made and that you agree to review the updated Agreement time to time, to stay updated about such revisions.


This Agreement initiates your agreement with Hireflair with respect to service offered by the website that you use. To be able to use the services offered by Hireflair as an authorized user, you must agree to all of the terms and conditions mentioned in this Agreement.


Your right to continue to be the user of the services offered by us is subject to any change in the terms including application of limitations or conditions by us from time to time. We may change, suspend or discontinue any aspect of Service provided by us, at any point of time, as and whenever required. This may include any feature of the Services or information in any form, that we offer or even its availability. We hold the right to restrict or allow your access to any part(s) or all any Service with or without any notice.


You agree to use the Service according to the Code of Conduct as follows:

1. You will keep all information related to the Service offered by Hireflair, strictly confidential and will not share any information with anyone without taking prior permission from us.

2. You will not use the Service or any information provided by us, to engage in any form of harassing or offensive behaviour or activity. You do not have right to post or communicate any information that contains abusive or defamatory statements that represent racism, pornography and is offensive, by any means.

3. You will not use the information shared here or Service offered, to infringe privacy rights or any other rights.

4. You will not post any messages, images, chats or conversations or any kind of recordings or use the information shared here or Service provided by us, anywhere, leading to plagiarism issues or violation or infringement of laws and rights, including copyright law, privacy or other personal or proprietary rights.

5. You will not use any information provided here or Service offered by us, to distribute, promote or publish anywhere for generating any kind of funds or advertising any other product or services.

6. You will not use any information provided here or Service offered by us, in any activity that might cause harm to Hireflair portal system in any way.

7. You will not post or share any contact information including email addresses, contact numbers, postal addresses, names or links, etc. that are meant to be confidential, through the information posted by you.