Privacy policy

We ensure to respect and maintain your privacy.

We understand that your privacy is most important and so we ask for just as much information, as is required, to carry the processes and get you satisfactory service. We hold the right to collect the required information from you as far as you use this website.

Information Collected

We may collect and use any or all the information submitted by you during any kind of transaction, including your name, address, telephone number, and email address, together with data about your use of the website, to get you the required service. We may also request you for more information, as and whenever required for serving you better, in future.

Information Use

The information collected by you primarily will be used to perform a task for the service, you visited the website for. We take all the precautions to protect your information from unauthorized access, of any kind. To safeguard your privacy, we may require additional information related to your identity, so that we can identify you while you ask us to provide you any specific information related to your account.


The internet browser that you use, contains an in-built property of storing ‘cookies’ from the websites, in the form of small files. These small files contain all the information that makes your account recognizable by the website. To enhance your experience, our website also uses cookies for a better user experience and if nor accepted, you may miss on certain functionalities on the website, which may be impaired.

Disclosing Information

We make sure to not disclose any or all the personal information provided by you, with any third party, prior your permission. To get your permission, we will require you to tick some specific boxes in the registration form. If at any point of time, we are required to disclose your information to any third party, it will be only with your knowledge and consent.

We may share general information, time to time, with general public or third parties, like the number of visitors on our website, or how to get registered to our website and avail services that we offer. We will make sure not to use any further information which could, by any means, reveal the identity of our registered visitors, etc.

Changes to this Policy

In case, we make any change or changes to our Privacy Policy, it will be published or updated right here. We will notify you of the changes made in our policy. Yet, we would like to suggest you to take a note of going through this document thoroughly every time you use our services through the website.

Contacting Us

In case you have any doubt or questions related to our Privacy Policy, or you wish to know about your information that we have collected, or you need us to make certain changes or correct any factual error in your information, or delete any part of the information, you may send us an email at [email protected], specifying your requirement. We will do the needful.